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Defensive Driving Training

Nobody knows driver safety training like the people who pioneered it more than 50 years ago. The National Safety Council created the first defensive driving course in
1964 and has been the leader in driver safety training ever since. 

​Select a Defensive Driving Course.
Safer Drivers, Safer Roads

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace and the cost of a single accident could easily exceed $1.4 million. A defensive 
driver safety program can reduce risk and keep people safer on the road.

Defensive Driving Safety Training has proven to be an effective solution to:
  • Control liability costs associated with work-related vehicle crashes
  • Reduce insurance premiums and fleet repair bills
  • Reduce motor vehicle incident rates
  • Decrease workers' compensation claims
  • Improve productivity by keeping employees safe, on and off the job
  • Protect your brand by improving public perception of your driving practice     
Euro gulf Driving Safety Training provides:
  • Leading-edge curriculum for greater comprehension and content retention
  • Cost effective training solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Immediate and post-incident training, when timing is crucial
  • New employee or refresher training
  • Remote, onsite and customized training
  • Flexibility for ease of scheduling and student participation.

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