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3 Quick tips to pass NEBOSH IGC

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is among the most widely recognized health and safety qualification in the world. It offers an excellent grounding in the essentials of health and safety. This qualification meets the academic requirements for a technician membership (Tech IOSH) in the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and an associate membership (AIIRSM) in the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) among others.
Before taking the exam, take the course.

The NEBOSH Certificate is the first step for those looking for a career in health and safety, and it can be built upon with other NEBOSH qualifications. It is ideal for people who need a comprehensive knowledge of health and safety and is suitable for managers, supervisors and staff with some level of health and safety responsibility.

Once done with the course, it is expected that you can fully:

           Understand the legal framework, moral and economic requirements and implications for good standards in health and safety within an organization
           Develop, promote and communicate an effective health and safety culture in an organization
           Identify the key features of a health and safety policy, the preparations and performance review of a health and safety audit
           Understand the importance of proactive and reactive health and safety monitoring measures
           Identify general and specific hazards in the workplace and carry out risk assessments, record finding and review procedures
           And so much more
And now, you need to prepare for the exam:
Candidates are awarded the Certificate on successful completion of two 2-hour written exams and a practical assessment.
NEBOSH exams are known for being tricky and quite a challenge to pass. Given its impact on your professional standing, it is important to focus and prepare as much as you can to get through it successfully. Here are some tips from EHS professionals who have gone through the exam and perfectly understand the grueling process of preparations:

1.         Understand keywords used in NEBOSH Exams

NEBOSH uses some keywords in the exam to assess the examinees’ level of understanding. To get good points, you need to understand the keywords usage in the questions. Here are examples:
           Define − Provide a generally accepted definition
           Describe − Give a detailed word picture
           Explain − Give a clear account of, or reasons for
           Give − Provide without explanation (normally used with the instruction to give an example, or examples of…)
           Identify − Select and name
           Outline − Give the most important features (less depth than either ‘explain’ or ‘describe’ but more depth than ‘list’)
           State − A less demanding form of ‘define’ or where there is no generally accepted definition.

2.         Know what the examiners expect from your answers

Read the questions thoroughly. Give whatever is being asked of you. Keywords may be familiar but if you give the wrong explanation, the examiner will not give you points for it.

3.         Attend Revision Tests

This is to familiarize you with the way NEBOSH exam is packaged. By attending, your mentors and trainers will also be able to assess how much more you need to review and guide you to a successful result.

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